Why You Should Consider Infra-Red Heating?

Why You Should Consider Infra-Red Heating?


Compared to traditional heating these use very low energy levels and here below are six reasons why you should consider them.

1.) It Will Care For You

FAR Infrared heating is 100% natural for our bodies and our well being.The Human body is designed to accept and to emit infrared waves.If you like the warmth from the sun then you will love the feeling you get from the new heating system.

2.) Less Dust and Pollutants

FAR Infrared heating does not heat air so your house will not only be warmer and cosier but there will be less dust, and for asthma and allergy sufferers, less pollutants to breathe in.

3.) Less Damp or Mould

Less damp and mould, because FAR infrared heating does not heat air but the fabric of the building.This will mean there is no damp or mould to ruin decorations and all of the room will reach the same temperature.

4.) Greatly Reduced Energy Bills.

FAR Infrared heating is up to 70% cheaper to run than most other electric heating systems and 40-50% cheaper than gas and oil.

5.) Keeps You Cosy 24 Hours Per Day.

FAR Infrared heating will keep you cosy and warm 24 hours per day. How nice to come home to a welcoming warm feeling as you walk through the door. Wake in the morning to take a shower or bath without having to wait for the bath room to warm up first.

6.) Good For The Planet.

Far Infrared heating is completely free of all carbon emissions and when used the electricity produced by either wind or solar generated electrical energy, is one of the only heating systems that can truly claim to 100% carbon free.



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