Which type of heater is best for hot yoga studio?

Which type of heater is best for hot yoga studio?

Which type of heater is best for hot yoga room?

1.       First of all it should be highly electricity transforming efficiency, 98+% high rates really helps you save some money.

Carbon is the best practical material for electricity to heat transforming. Carbon fiber or carbon crystal infrared heater is such a high efficiency heater.


2.       Why we need hot temperature for hot yoga studio? The mainly purpose is to help trainers sweat and make some body action. Hot environment indeed makes people sweat; this is because the heat transfers from air to the body.;What if a heater warms the body directly rather not transfers to air first and then to body? Obviously this is a kind of higher efficiency way to make trainers sweat. This kind of heater is infrared heater!


3.       It can be mounted under floor. Why the best installing position for heaters is under floor? We know heat always moved from lower to higher, the second hottest position except heater front of one room is normally the ceiling. Under floor heaters can warm the studio evenly and people are always in the heat rising path. This mounting position is strongly recommended if the ceiling is very high and heaters are not infrared type.

There are types of under floor heaters, common heating element is metal alloy wire and carbon, again carbon infrared heater is well recommended which works with far infra red.


4.       What can we do if the studio room can not be under floor mounted? Then there are other two positions which maybe suitable, the wall and ceiling.

If the yoga room is not big, wall mounting heaters will work better than ceiling mounted,

If room size is more than 100 sqm and ceiling is not too high, ceiling mounting works well.

Anyway, for either wall or ceiling, the heaters should be not too thick, better to be thin and slim.


5.       For wall mounted heaters, though convector type can warm the room, but it is not so evenly as infrared heaters.

For ceiling mounted heaters, especially the room ceiling is high, we do strongly suggest not to use convector type, because most of the heat will gather at the top of the room, this is huge waste. If you prefer ceiling mounted, only infrared heaters recommended, especially big panel infrared heaters which can give very even heat.

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