which type of heated towel rails is better? any advice?

which type of heated towel rails is better? any advice?

Heated towel rails have been more and more common for home heating. Designing your bathroom with such an item really makes it cozy and fashion, but what kind of towel warmer to choose? There are some variety and let’s specify one by one. Please notice this kind of product has a couple of different names such as towel warmer, heated towel rail, towel dryer etc, all of they mean one product.


power supply and working performance comparations

1. central heating towel warmer

                                 central heating towel radiator

This type is connected to your central heating system; heat conduction medium is water,


1)Less money spending for this during winter central heating season;

2)Stable and evenly heat;

3)No need to pay attention, just leave it there and will work very well.

4)Cheap product cost


1)Useless after public central heating supply season.

2)Heat lost if you just want the bathroom towel rails to be warm.       

3)Chrome surface process causes environment pollution.

4)Expensive installing cost.


2.  dual fuel heated towel rails

                                   dual fuel heated towel rails

The heat power of this type is central heating or individual electric power, conduction medium is water as well. Users can change the power supply from central heating to plug in electric heating.


1)Freely control the power supply to be central or electric heating.

2)Adjustable surface temperature for electrical heating option.


1)Expensive unit price and installing cost.

2)Control system has not enough working life; it may not work in a couple of years. This is the main problem of electronic products.

3)Not so simple style as others, it may make you feel too many wires and control in bathroom.

4)Surface heat is not evenly if powered by electricity due to the non-flowable water inside.


3.   oil filled electrical heating towel rack

                                         electric oil heated towel warmer

The heating element is normally metal wire which is steeped into the oil filled in the tubes. Works with electricity only, wire heats first, then oil and towel rails.                                                                                            


1)Freely switched on/off

2)Adjustable surface temperature.


1)Towel rails temperature is not uniform, because the internal oil is not flowing.

2)Thermostat control may get problem in several years.

3)Heat oil leakage or explosion risk if quality not very good.


4.   electric heated towel rails

                                        electrical heated towel rack

Works with electricity only, heating element is silicon wire or carbon fiber, without water or oil inside the tubes. Element heats the tubes directly.                                                                                                    


1)Freely power on/off

2)Fast heat, towel rail temperature can reach 50 degree C in 10 minutes.

3)Uniform heat on the surface

4)Cheaper unit product cost

5)Easy mounting, you can do it yourself.

6)Modern, mirror polished surface, up market style.

7)Many shape optional, even just a single towel bar can be with internal heating element.

8)Electricity cables can be hidden, not visible at all.                                                 


1)Not so good warm effect if you use it to heat your bathroom.

2)Working life longer than oil or dual fuel heating towel rails, but shorter than central heating towel radiator.


5.    infrared heating towel warmer

                                  electric infrared towel warmer

This type works also with electricity, normally bigger power because this is also a kind of bathroom warmer; heat the towels but also the bathroom. Heating element is carbon heating sheet which spread the heat by far infrared waves.    


1)Fast warm and dry, even for wet clothes.

2)Freely control for power.

3)Far infrared, good for health.

4)More than 100,000 hours working life.

5)Easy mounting.

6)Front panel surface can be printed with beautiful photos.


1)Surface temperature can not be adjusted, will waste some electricity if just want to use it as a towel warmer.

2)Smaller size is unavailable, maybe too big some small bathrooms.


Apprearence Comparation



normal color



centra heating

steel or aluminum alloy

chrome or white



dual fuel heating


chrome or white



oil filled heating


chrome or white



electric wire heating

stainless steel

mirror polished

rails or any shape


infrared heating

aluminum alloy

white or custom




Any corrections will be highly appreciated if some points in this article are not suitable.


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