Where you can use the far-infrared heating panels?

Where you can use the far-infrared heating panels?

Far-infrared heating solutions found their wide usage in the environments like:

  • Residential and Domestic Buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Schools
  • Yoga Studios
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

Bathroom heater

bathroom heater

Walking into a cold bathroom in the morning can get your day off to an unpleasant start. Shivering as you wash is not a great way to start the day and so if you’re looking for a way to make your bathroom feel warm and cosy then you may be interested in the new range of  heated towel rails.

The Popular heated towel rail  is one of the bestselling wall mounted towel rails and features designer sleek flat bars creating a ultra slim look perfect for the modern bathroom.

Living room panels

Experience cozy sun-like warmth and lower your heating bills! Our infrared products can be painted to match any décor or enhanced with art and photography. We also offer many options for installation that can completely free your usable floor space. Moreover, all of our products are perfect for your family and pets: Fire-safe; noise, dust and odor free; and non-allergenic and non-drying. infrared panel heater for livingroom

Bedroom heating panel

far infrared ceiling heater panel for bedroom Hope to sleep soundly,comfortably and without being disturbed  at night?Byecold infrared products may help you to make your desire comes true. when you are sleeping,the infrared panels not only provide you with a comfortable heat,but also it's with no interruptions of noise, stirring of dust, germs, or odor, and no usable space is taken up.

Yoga Studios heaters

The unique health benefits of using radiant heaters in yoga studios are appreciated by yoga instructors and students worldwide. The occupants and objects in the room are heated first, rather than the air, which uses less energy and helps promote a healthier environment. Occupants enjoy the benefits of silent heating during class with no interruptions of noise, stirring of dust, germs, or odor, and no usable space is taken up. heating panel using for yoga

Commercial and Industrial Buildings heating solutions

infrared heater using in mall

Increase comfort and satisfaction by warming whole rooms or commercial institution with low-cost, energy-efficient warmth. Enhance your retail space with no limits on furniture or product placement. Match colors to your décor, or select from our line of art and photography applications for wall heaters. Plus, you’ll eliminate the odor, noise, and allergens common to traditional heating systems.

Schools heating

With our caustic economy, schools must reduce costs, but energy bills and maintenance expenses keep climbing. Byecold infrared heating technology has solutions: Whether your need is to augment aging, inefficient boilers or to add inexpensive electric heat to new construction, we can help you to reduce energy costs while keeping staff and students warm and safe. school heating soulution

Pets' heater

pet heating solution

As a member of family,Pets also should live in a cosy,friendly living area.Byecold infrared products provide you the heating solutins as well.Panels can be mounted on the wall,or putted at a suitable distance.

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