Is a mirror heater safe? any explosion risk?

Is a mirror heater safe? any explosion risk?

No Such worries.

1.What is a mirror heater?

It is a heater but in the format of mirror, wall style, normally for bathroom usage. Working type is infrared heating or convector heating. Most of them are thick such as 8cm, but we can make this mirror heater to be 2.3cm or 4cm only, slim body nice design. our heating mirror element is epoxy resion heating sheet, very stable, flexiable, and tough surface.


2.Is this kind of infrared mirror heater safe? Any risk of bursting or other danger?

The front mirror is tempered, made of toughened glass.

Qualified toughened glass means even you put it instantly into 0 degree C water after heating it to 100 degree C, and it should not get crack.

The temperature of inside heating element is less than 100 degree C, mirror will get just 40-50 ℃ only. What’s more, there are over heating protection system.

Even someone cracks the heating mirror carelessly, he will not get hurt, because this is tougheded glass, will broken to be thousands of very small glass granules without sharp edges. The internal heating element is sheet format which is fexible and tough, no any risk of electric leakage at all.

The infrared heating sheet behind the mirror has very long life, more than 100,000 hours working life, this means even you power it on 10 hours every day it can work more than 27 any worries about material aging danger.


3.The advantages of such a mirror panel heater?

1)Heating your bathroom, keeping it out of cold and unpleasant.

2)Saving space, people may not find where the heater is if you wouldn’t tell them in advance.

3)Mirror will never get fuzzy due to the heated surface.

4)Long life, our heated element has the working life of more than 100,000 hours.


4.Is it with a frame?

Current design is with frame, silver aluminum can be also modern or antique styles, about 4cm thickness.

Frameless is also available.


5.What’s the size? And how many watts each heated mirror?

The size can be almost customized.

Common size is as below

1)60*60cm, 300-400W

2)60*80cm, 500W

3)60*100cm, 500-600W

4)60*120cm, 700-800W

5)60*200cm, 1000-1200W


6.Is it with a on/off switch?

This is optional, up to client’s requirements. The switch is normally at the bottom or side of the mirror heater.


7.I want the front to be a glass rather not mirror, is this available?

Of course, we can replace and make it to be a glass heater, very easy. Glass can be white, black, any color you want, or even with your favorite photo printing.


8.Is the packing safe enough? I don’t want it to be broken when opening the carton.

We have surely considered this problem, and make the packing to be very strong, even safe for drop shipping.


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