what’s the material of electric towel warmer?

what’s the material of electric towel warmer?

First of all, the material should be metal which is anti-heat and stable enough to support the wet clothes or towel.

There are several such metal materials, steel, aluminum and stainless steel.


1.       steel

Steel is actually a kind of alloy that containing mainly iron, and 0.02-2.1% carbon.

Pure iron is a kind of metal which is soft, not strong enough to be a towel warmer, and it is a active chemical element, easily getting oxidized under normal environment, so have to combine some other element such as carbon to strength its mechanical and chemical capacity.

Poorly steel made electric towel warmer has a disadvantage that is rustabe, so the surface of tubes has to be painted, to keep the steel out of water.

Somebody may worry about the internal surface of the tubes which can not be painted. Not necessary, IP grade of well made steel towel warmer can be as high as IPX5; very little water can get into the tube inside. Even some water leak in, the internal hot temperature of the towel warmer rack will dry it fast.



1)      Can be colored. Surface can be sprayed white, black, silver, almost any color. Steel has good ability to the paint, better than aluminum towel warmer.

2)      Stable and strong, heavier body rather not so light as aluminum.

3)      Can be well welded while aluminum can not be welded easily.

4)      Much lower cost than stainless steel.


2.       aluminum

Same as steel, aluminum electric towel warmer is actually not made of aluminum, its aluminum alloy.

Pure alum is very soft; have to also combine other element to heighten the performance people need.


1)      good anti-rust performance

2)      lower cost than stainless steel


3.       stainless steel

Stainless steel electric heated towel warmer looks upscale; surface can be polished to be a mirror.

Good anti-rust capacity, stable, can be welded. The only disadvantage is the cost is higher.

This is the most common materials used for bathroom electric towel dryer.

Stainless steel towel warm include two kinds of different materials, 201 and 304, here is an article we have discuss the difference between 201 SS and 304 SS.



Main performance comparation

materials normal colors stable rate IP grade anti-rust anti-scratch cost
steel any color good IPX5 normal good low
Alu silver normal IPX1 good normal low
SS shiny SS good IP55 good good high
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