Is a radiator heater same as a infrared heater?

Is a radiator heater same as a infrared heater?

What’s the difference between radiator heaters and infrared heaters?

There are many kinds of heaters in the market, some called radiator heaters, and some infrared heaters, any difference between them?

Well we can compare in a couple of main respects,

1.       words meaning difference

Radiator is a traditional word used for home heating solution, and infrared has no such long history used for home heating industry.

Radiator is heat diffusion, all heated things are radiated, the heat spread from hot things to cold things even between solid and vaporized. Radiator heaters normally spread the heat to air around, it’s not directed.

Infrared heater heats directly, it warms solid things only, by long wave like sunlight. You can control the heat directions, for example you just want a heater to warm your legs.


2.       format difference

Radiator heaters normally work with hot water or oil inside. Power source can be gas or electricity.It is actually convector heater.

Infra red heaters work with elements that can spread long wave heat, include lighted and non-lighted. Both burning and electric fireplaces are infrared heating.


Some infrared heaters named infrared panel heaters can be in the format of wall photo frame or mirror. This is modern; you can use it to decorate your room, with your ideal customized photo printing.


Here are fours pictures of some of these two heating methods.

infra red heaters

     non-lighted infrared panel heating                                        lighted infrared heater

infrared panel heater                lighted infrared heater









radiator heaters

      wall radiator heater                                                                    wheel oil heater

radiator heater        oil heater









   3.    working performance difference

If you like your whole room to be warm, either radiator heater or infrared one will work and similar efficient, because infrared itself is hot, can spread heat to the air.

If you just want to heat a small area, such as under desk, beside your body etc, infrared heating is well recommended, it just needs about 150 watts to warm your legs, and 300W to warm your body while a radiator convector heater has to be at least 1000W to warm your room first then your body.

In this way, infrared heater saves your electricity really.

Infrared heater is faster; you will feel warm in just about two minutes after turning on the heaters,because it heats your body first.


Radiator makes the room air dry, and infrared heater mainly make your body dry like infrared sauna.


Radiator heaters are not harmful to human while some infrared heaters are good for health. Non-lighted infrared heater spread long wave named far infrared, the same effect as physical therapy items.

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