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What is carbon infrared panel heater?

 structure of infrared panel heater

1)The heating element is nano carbon which can convert more than 98% of the electricity to heat.And nano carbon has the ability to radiate far infrared rays between 8-15μ which are very good for human health.

2)The carrier which hold the nano carbon is named epoxy resin, a kind of material that has super antioxidant and anti-aging Performance. This is the main reason why carbon heating panel has more than 100,000+ hours’ life.

3)The picture above is just a single heating sheet. For a finished infrared panel heater, will add insulation sheet and aluminium sheet to the back, and then assemble these into a stable alu frame.

Working performance

Carbon infrared panel heater convert 98% of the electricity to 30% transfer heat and 70% infrared heat.

The 30% transfer heat makes the epoxy resin surface hot to 85-100 degree C. Though 85-100 degree C is not low, but it will not heart your hands or body even you touch on, this is another wonderful performance of the epoxy resin.

The other 70% infrared heat will warm any solid things in front; this is why we call it the best solution for spot heating.


√ Stable

Super long life, over 100,000 hours working!

√  Economic

Over 98% electric conversion efficiency, can save up to 70% electricity than traditional heaters!

√ Ecological

No any harmful rays but only good far infrared rays for human! No any harmful gas comes out.

√  Silent

 No any noise when working, it won’t affect your sleep.

√ Comfortable

It will not make the room air dry which is uncomfortable!

√  Instantly Heat

You will feel warm within just one minute in front of the heater. And the front surface of the panel heater can rise to 90 degree C within 5 minutes!

√  Modern

Decorate your rooms, all panels can be printed with your favorite image and you can hang it in the living room, bedroom etc. warm your home in a modern way!

√ Safe

There are two over heat protection in the infrared panel heater, the electricity will be cut off once the panel temperature rise over 110 degree C!

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