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arrow-listFar Infrared Panel Heater

far infrared panel heater

1) Heating element is normally nano carbon which can spray 8-14μ long wave ray which is good for health, no any harmful radiation.

2) Frame is normally aluminum which can be silver, white or custom color

3) Can be made in a wall photo frame, ceiling mounting panel, bathroom mirror.


arrow-listElectric Heated Rack

electric heating towel rail

1) Heating element is normally alloy wire or carbon fiber,

2) The main usage is to dry your towels and clothes.

3) Rack material is normally stainless steel, low carbon steel or aluminum

4) Low power, about from 50W to 150W only.

5) Normal styles are wall mounted, free stand and foldable.


Services we provide


arrow-listOEM Service

We can print, stick or engrave client’s own logo onto our products and packing.

arrow-listODM Service

 We can make some kinds of new products or models as per client’s design and respect client’s patents.

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