Byecold waterproof infrared panel heater

Byecold waterproof infrared panel heater

Byecold far-infrared panel heaters, including aluminium panel heaters,frameless heating panels,class&mirror heates,ceiling mounted heaters and so on are all waterproof,which can be used in bathroom.Electric heater in the work process, the product surface temperature of 80-100 ℃, a small amount of water has not stayed in the heater surface for a long time, it has been evaporated.In addition, the product incorporates multiple protections to focus on the customer experience.After testing by the national professional department, the protection level is IP54, which can be used safely in bathrooms.In order to ensure the safety of users, do not deliberately put the heater soaked in water.

Level 1 Water drop protection – Drops falling vertically should not cause damage

Level 2 Protection of water droplets when the cabinet is tilted 15 degrees – vertical drop of water droplets should not cause damage when the cabinet is tilted 15 degrees to either side

Level 3 Protect splashed water – Water splashed from both sides of a vertical line at a 60 degree angle should not cause damage

Level 4 Sprinkler Protection – Water spray from the cabinet in either direction should not cause damage

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