Wall-mounted Electric Heater

Wall-mounted Electric Heater

There are many different kinds of new type electric heating devices on the market, including ‘small sun’ heater,ground laid floor heating equipment, the ceiling heater, wall-mounted heaters,which all have advantages and disadvantages of each heater.Customers should purchase according to own needs.The wall – wall heating device is a wall heating heater installed in the wall. It is made of high – tech filament carbon fiber and has many advantages.


1. The thickness of Byecold wall-mounted electric heater is only 12mm, and the heater surface can be glass, landscape painting, white aluminum surface, not only saves the installation space, but also can decorate indoor room;

2.The back of Byecold product has a whole 1.3mm thick aluminum plate fixed and protected, which can withstand four times the weight of the product itself.

3.The heating of carbon crystal heating plate is adopted in the wall heating. During the working process of the product, there is no noise, strong light, no dust, which gives you and your family a comfortable, and clean heating experience.

4.Byecold products can choose frameless and aluminum frame, two kinds of choices, casual collocation.

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