How about the heating effect of the infrared panel heater?

How about the heating effect of the infrared panel heater?

Infrared panel heater is a far-infrared radiation as the main energy transfer mode of low-temperature products.The product uses carbon crystal low temperature radiant heating system, making full use of carbon crystal electric plate excellent surface heating characteristics, heating the entire plane synchronous heating, continuous heating. Wall heat balance effect is good, indoor no cold spots and hot spots, and the temperature is balanced , heating effects such as sunshine.

Far-infrared carbon crystal heater direct radiation heat indoor, rapid heating, heat fast, energized five minutes to heat, more than 5 times faster than the traditional plumbing. The infrared heater panel can be divided households, sub-room heating, according to the temperature and the need for random adjust the temperature of each room.

At the same time, due to the emergence of a variety of uneven infrared heating panels on the market products, so in the purchase, we must pay attention to:

1.Select formal professional manufacturer

2.Concerned about the product material, carbon crystal plate intrinsic quality

3.Choose the power of your own product, do not just focus on product appearance beauty

4.Choose a service, maintenance and support of product suppliers

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