Applied Range of Byecold Far Infrared Heating Panel

Applied Range of Byecold Far Infrared Heating Panel


1.Complete Heating

Byecold Heaters can be used as a main source for the heat supply.Especially where the costly installation of central heating needs to be avoided or is not possible.

2.Transitional Heating

A sudden interruption of heating  may cause a cold or discomfort of the body.So Byecold heating panels can also be adopted when  the existing heating system has failed or is inefficient. 

3.Sectional Heating

Partial-heating is  the greatest feature of Byecold far infrared electric heating panel.It can heat the targeted individual recreation areas without having to heat whole rooms,which is absolutely  great application.

4.Additional Heating

Byecold carbon crystal panels  can be used almost indoors wherever the existing heating system is inadequate.

ranges of application

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