450w wall glass panel heater

450w wall glass panel heater


1)This is a glass but also a heater, modern for your bathroom.

2)The body is ultra thin , just 12mm thickness, space-saving and universally usable.

3)Frameless,Plain, streamlined design.

库存 50 件 ( 可以延迟交货 )

SKU: Pieces-1


Model: G0806                                       Brand: Byecold
Power(W): 450W(±5%)                           Size: 800*600*12mm
Type:  Infrared                                      Sub-Type:  Electric 
Features: With Plug                               Unit Weight: 9.8kg
Installation: Wall mounting


Manufacturers 5 years warranty…we are so confident in the quality of this product!!!

Infrared heat has high efficiency and low operating costs saving you up to 40% on your heating bills!!!!!

Elegant design very light built.

Note:These panels are not designed to be hung on the ceiling, only on the wall.

To get advice or to ask questions you are very welcome to call us. Like wise, you can contact us with your specifications and we can supply a Free quote for your consideration.


Byecold Technology Co Ltd


重量 9.8 kg
尺寸 92 x 72 x 9 cm
Model Number


Body Size


Rated Power



Wall Mounting


White or Black Toughened Glass



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