Reviews & Some Tips from Will Henry

Reviews & Some Tips from Will Henry


 Will Henry, called Gadget Boy,a techie geek who take much of enthusiasm for all things cool, electronic and digital.Following  is the reviews & tips for reference.

OK, I recently ran across a fantastic heater, and I've decided to recommend you, because this is an exciting product. The carbon crystal IR-Heater is a fantastic and well designed heater that solves the problem of "it's effective, but ugly". These heaters look great!IR-heaer wall panel

They have the look of a modern art panel on your wall, and best of all they're not underfoot, so there's no risk of tipping over. Most visitors won't even realize it's a heater at all.

These heaters are similar to the Mica Panel heater in that they don't include a fan, instead relying on convection to gradually heat up a room. They're a little bit unorthodox in that they are available in 400W,500W and 750 Watts, which is quite a bit less energy than a lot of other heaters on full blast. One 500 Watt model is rated to heat a 80 square foot room on its own.

The advantage here is clear: they are extremely energy efficient. You can run two 500W IR-Heater wall panels at once, and it will use less energy than a 1500 Watt heater on full blast.

As for safety, these heaters have no exposed elements, so they're child safe and very durable. With no fan, they don't kick up dust, so they're hypoallergenic.

A few notes: if you do have a larger room to heat, you'll want to pick up several (perhaps a 750 and a 500)). If you don't want to be constantly plugging and unplugging, you can pick up a programmable thermostat outlet for your heaters to time when it clicks on.

All in all the IR-Heater is on of the most energy efficient space heaters that I've come across, and worth your time to investigate.

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