Infrared Picture Panel


The surface can be printed to whatever you want with an UV printer.
It is not only a heater but also a decoration in your room.






The surface display shows you weather information, time, date etc.
LED backlit makes your bathroom more fashionable.
The mirror can be made with defogging or heating fucntion, no worries of fog, the heating function can warm your bathroom as well.
Control the display, LED and defogging/heating with a touch switch.


Electric Towel Rails



The inside carbon film dry the wet towels quickly.
3 individual heating zones.


Heating Panels with LED Light





Infrared heating and LED lighting in one panel,

both controlled by a remote.
An excellent solution to replace traditional LED and heater.


Smart mirrors




These panel heaters can reduce air circulation and help to maintain a clean, dust free environment.

 All the infrared heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted.
 A wide range of heating panels available in a huge choice of colors, sizes and styles.