Are heated towel racks safe?

As heated towel racks become the next big thing in every modern household, so the questions arise about the general safety of heated towel racks and, surprisingly, if they can catch fire.


We want to assure you that all Byecold heated towel racks are 100 percent safe and will never catch fire, and you’re welcome to take our word for it. But inquiring minds want to know why, so we’re going to lay it out really simple so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind and confidently inform your friends on what to look out for when buying safe heated towel racks for their beautiful bathrooms.


Can electric heated towel racks cause or catch fire?

No! Not only have we never heard of this happening, years of development and testing ensure that it is completely impossible for a Byecold heated towel rack to catch fire.


For one, there are no flammable parts so there’s nothing that can spontaneously catch alight.


Secondly, some folks worry that the heated towel rack should be switched off once the towels are dry to avoid the towels catching fire. This is nonsense! Our electric heated towel racks are designed so that the heating element’s size is relative to the size of the unit. This, following all the good laws of thermodynamics, ensures the total heat output is limited by the amount of power input, guaranteeing that the heated towel rack can never get hotter than the maximum temperature it was designed to reach.


For instance, if the electric heated towel rack has a 100-Watt element, then it can only put out the equivalent heat of 100 Watts. It can’t just magically produce 200 Watts of heat! So no, your towels absolutely cannot and will not catch fire.


Will an electric heated towel rack burn you?

An electric heated towel rack is a heating appliance, just like a radiator or an oil fin heater. And although it does not heat up quite as much, it could give you a contact burn if you touch it for too long. Please treat it with the same caution you afford other heating appliances, especially if you have soft or sensitive skin.


To guarantee your safety and comfort, all the surfaces that are exposed or uncovered always remain below an absolute temperature of 55°C , which is safe to the touch. For extra safety, we also wire our towel racks so that one of the vertical posts is never heated. Compare this to a fluid-filled heated towel rack where all the surfaces are always over 60°C!


Finally, our heated towel racks have a guaranteed International Protection rating of IP54, which means they are protected from water, steam and damp and can be safely installed in most areas of the bathroom, even above the bath if you so wish.


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