Benefits of a heated towel rack in the summer time

Today we’re chatting about how Byecold heated towel racks can save water and electricity while ensuring a fresh, hygienic bathroom in summer.


Every drop matters

If you consider that a standard washing machine uses 22 gallons of water per washing load, that’s a lot of water going down the drain each year. More than 4,500 gallons if you do 4 loads a week! In summer, loads often go up because of increased towel use.


Luckily there is a low-effort, water-wise and economical solution to cut back on wasting water: dry your damp towels on a heated towel rack so you don’t have to wash them as often.


By reusing bathroom towels that have been dried on a heated towel rack, you’ll have fresh and fluffy towels around the clock. Less laundry, less detergent, less wasted water and less hassle!


Benefits of a heated towel rack in the summer time

Banish all those bugs

Bacteria, mold and yeasts grow faster in hot and humid conditions, and your damp towels are like catnip for these beasties. So switch on the heated towel rack while you take your shower and, immediately after use, fold your towels and hang them on the rack. As the heat increases under the towels, bacteria and mold growth is stopped in their tracks.


This will also improve the overall hygiene of your bathroom as you’ll be eliminating a major source of that musty smell that sometimes hits you as you enter the bathroom.


When low energy is good

Years of innovative engineering has enabled us to create heated towel racks that are renowned for their energy efficiency.


Rapid heating technology ensures the unit is heated up  in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. Compare that to a fluid-filled heated towel rack that takes an agonizing 60 to 90 minutes to heat up!


Our towel racks come with either a switch or timer that allows you to manually  control the temperature and/or when the unit is switched on or off. By timing when and how you use the unit, you can save an extra running costs!


In short, damp towels are a year-round thing but they can become a real hassle in humid summers when there are more of them and they take longer to dry. So are water and electricity bills that steal more and more cash from your wallet.


The solution to all these problems is an energy efficient, innovatively engineered (and dare we say beautiful) heated towel rack. Shop for one now.


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