What is the best heated towel rack?

The world of heated towel racks can be confusing. As the demand for these smart towel racks heats up, so does the variety of them on offer increase and customers become confused as to which one to buy.


The question you should ask yourself is: What makes a good towel rack? Is it the design? The number of towels it dries? The functionality? What is it made of? Or how much electricity it uses? Well, it’s all of these. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of heated towel racks on offer and help you decide which one is best.


The cheap and nasty

Beware of cheap substitutes and knock offs. We’re nice so we will not name and shame.


It is important to research the materials used (inferior models tend to be manufactured from either chrome plated mild steel, powder coated mild steel or low grade stainless steel), if the heating technology is reliable, and if there are built in controllers .


As they say, you get what you pay for.


You’d be surprised at how much engineering and design goes into a heated towel rack that is beautiful to look at and really does the job it’s intended for – to dry your towels and stop bacterial growth while adding a touch of warmth.


The problem with so-called designer heated towel racks is not only their hefty price, they’re often made purely with aesthetics in mind. 


The best of the best

You want Aluminum. Why? It’s incredibly rust-resistant and, being non-porous, no bacteria can stick to it. All it requires is a quick wipe to achieve a gorgeous-looking gleam – no special products as we’ve seen recommended for other brands.


When you invest in a heated towel rack, you’re going to want a product warranty and good after-sale service. That’s what we bring. 10 years guarantee on the product material, 10 years on the heating element. 


Ready, set, buy

Having been in the business for decades, and seeing fads and inferior products come and go, we’re confident that our heated towel racks are the best.


They’re borne out of years of thoughtful design, care and engineering with you – the discerning buyer who values quality – in mind. You like the best, you deserve the best, now go and buy the best heated towel racks.


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