HOW to use a heated towel rack

Know its purpose
You’ll be amazed by how many people still don’t know the true purpose of a heated towel rail. It’s made to dry your towels, not heat them up – although they will provide a touch of warmth. So, if you’ve got a heated towel rack but are still tossing your textiles into the tumble drier or leaving them to fade in the sun on a washing line, you’re doing it wrong. The moment you’re done using your towel or remove it from the washing machine, pop it onto the heated towel rack. If it’s a Bathroom Butler model, it can dry a towel that’s damp after use in as little as four hours. This is great because the faster your towels can dry, the less likely they’ll become a breeding ground for bacteria.


Learn proper placement
Are you one of the many who own a heated towel rack but drape their towels on it willy-nilly? That’s not the way to do it. Having the panel make contact with the towel will only heat sections of it. In order to maximize the effect of the electric towel rack, it is necessary to use it correctly. If the heated towel rail is in full contact with the towel, its drying efficiency will be doubled.


Be energy savvy
Byecold heated towel rails are designed to run on very little electricity. You could leave it on all day on the maximum temperature setting and, depending on its size, it would still only use between 20 to 130 watts of electricity. Still, this doesn’t mean you should neglect its tech!  Ideally, you want to use it on the lowest setting with which you’re comfortable to save a little energy – as well as the planet – by reducing your carbon footprint. Also, if you need to be away for a long time, you can use the timer off function of the heated towel rail.


The bottom line
In short, if you look after your heated towel rack, it’s going to look after you. Better yet, if you buy one from Byecold, it’ll really go the distance. With us, you’ll always get the superior quality that’s for the keeps!


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