Low carbon characteristics of electric heating

Low carbon characteristics of electric heating

Compared with traditional heating methods, the new type of electric heating system has the important characteristics of low carbon heating.Its low carbon characteristics are reflected in energy utilization, energy conversion, environmental protection, life experience and capital expenditure.


(1) Low carbon energy: Compared with traditional heating energy such as coal, natural gas, timber, energy, electricity electric heating of heat using of electricity, clean, renewable, is the most development potential with the rise of new energy sources such as solar, wind, water, and the booming development.It is the real low carbon even “zero carbon energy”.

(2)Low carbon conversion: the heat transfer rate of the heating system of electric heating is up to 98.68%, which greatly reduces the energy loss during conversion and transmission.

(3)Low carbon: using electric heating equipment, do not need to boiler, coal and other auxiliary facilities, saves the land.In the process of work,heater do not produce any pollutants such as waste gas, waste water, waste and protect the environment, to reduce carbon emissions as a whole.

(4)Low-carbon living: the particular heating mode of electric heating by electric energy conversion, make the person feels indoor temperature uniformity, pure and fresh, comfortable and quiet, without the traditional heating dry and hot, also won’t indoor dust caused by air.

Byecold carbon crystal wall heaters adopt the heating method of electric energy, which is consistent with all the low carbon characteristics mentioned above, and is suitable for the use of family life and industrial production.

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