Is a heated towel rail enough to heat my bathroom?

Is a heated towel rail enough to heat my bathroom?

Is a towel warmer enough to heat my bathroom?

That depends,

1)      What’s the power of your heated towel rail?

Normal heated towel racks work with 30W to 250W, this power rate is usually used for your wet towel drying and warm only.

It can make the temperature rise inside the bathroom, but very little effect, and depends.


There is another kind of high power towel warmer which works as high as 1000W, and size of this kind of towel ladder warmer is surely bigger, from 120cm to 200cm tall.

It has a thermostat at the right or left bottom, users can set the temperature according the need, for towel drying around 50 degree C will be enough, and for bathroom warm usage, around 70 degree C will be required.


2)      How big and the insulation condition of your bathroom,

Normally to warm a bathroom or other rooms, it needs about 100W per square meter,

For example if your bathroom is about 1.5 by 2 meters total 3 square meters, a heated towel rail with 250W power can warm it really, though the heat given out is not so obvious as a heater.

Of course it depends also on the insulation condition.


3)      Some advice about bathroom heating

Use a low power from 50 to 150W heated towel bar to dry or warm your towel and with an infrared panel heater or mirror heater to warm the bathroom!

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