white open-type frame infrared panel heaters

Totally white wall panel heater with open type frames, hidden screwing holes

●The main advantage of this kind of panel heater is the frame, open type, you can open it and screw the panel onto the wall or ceiling, then close it, screws or holes are not visiable, and can be very close to the wall without any gap.

●Frame can be made to any color, the most popular is white.

●cable leading out way can be from the side or rear, both are working. for back leading out cable,users to joint the cables to the power line themselves.

●It can be with or without on/off switch.

This kind frame is a little wider than normal frame style.

●Back material of this type of wall panel heater is normally white steel or silver aluminum sheet.

●Power of this wall panel heater can be 350W, 500W, 700W, 1000W, 1200W or other customized.


body size

optional size as other frame style

power and rated voltage

1000W per square meters, 100-240V, 50/60HZ

heating material

carbon crystal

on/off switch


surface temperature


electric conversion efficiency


life expectancy


front surface material

epoxy resin or quality PET sheet

frame material and color

Aluminum with optional colors

ingress protection ration


heating area

normally 20-30W per CBM

over heat protection


2.Item details

hidden holes of aluminum frameopen-type frame infrared panel heater





ALL panels are ready to use and fast installation possible (all necessary tools included in standard packing). Mounting of panel possible in 5 minutes (plug in type, 3m power cable). All panels can be either wall or/and ceiling mounted. Furthermore, we provide accessoires for floor standing.


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