suspending ceiling tile panel heater


Model Number: F0606

●Ceiling tile heaters, for suspending mounting, hidden heaters to save space.

●Standard size is 595*595mm, 25mm thickness, same as ceiling tile panel.

●Infrared heating, surface temperature is about 110 degree C.

●Aluminum housing, frameless, well welded and polished, no any gap.

●very good for non-central heating rooms, commercial or public places, high halls etc.

●long working life, more than 50,000 hours.

●Almost 100% electricity transforming efficiency,  power saving, ecnomic heating.

●Fast work, the surface will reach to 110 degree C within 5 minutes once powered on.

●Safe design, no any flammable materials used, heating element and insulation sheet can work well even under 1000 degree C environment. there is also over heating protection system inside the dangling panel heater.

●Back hang hooks can be any style as per client's usage, customizable.



body size


power and rated voltage

450W, 220V or other

heating material

Nicr  heating  wire

wave length


surface temperature


electric conversion efficiency


life expectancy


front surface color

pure white 

frame material


ingress protection ration


heating area

6-8 sqm

over heat protection



3.Item photos

suspended ceiling heater

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