Infrared frameless panel heater

 frameless infrared panel heater

      Model Number:F1006

●This is a rimless 580W  far infrared panel heater for wall mounting or 450watts panel heater for ceiling mounting.

●The housing material of this heating panel is powder coating on Alu sheet, normally with white color.

●This is a small power infrared heater, normally used for suapended ceiling or wall mounted  spot heating, recommend to use groups of them if plan to heating a whole room.

●Its not heavy, lighter than most of the heating panels from other suppliers.

●Make sure no any clothes etc covering the front or back during working. And please unplug it after using.

●Keep the infrared heater away from water. Once get water dropped, users need to cut off the electricity and dry it before next use.

●Don’t worry about the safety, There are two over-heat protection sets in the heating panel, the electricity will be cut off once the panel temperature rise over 110 degree C.

●Standard accessories include manual of instruction,mounting  template, screws and plastic swell jackets.



Body size


Power and rated voltage

580W/450W, 220-240V/50Hz

Heating material

Carbon crystal heating film

Wave length


Surface temperature


Electric conversion efficiency


Life expectancy


Front surface material

powder coated, White color or printing

Frame material


Ingress protection ration


Heating area

 spot heating

Over heat protection


2.Item details

Frameless Heating Panel




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