far infrared panel 450w mirror heater

Far infrared panel 450w mirror heater


●This is a frameless 450W power far infrared mirror surface heating panel, normally it can warm about 4-6 sqm.

●The material of panel surface is high quality toughened mirror.

●This mirror heater is designed to provide an efficient, comfortable and healthy heating system for any domestic and commercial users.

●Suitable for bathroom or hall heating.

●These mirror panel heaters can reduce air circulation and help to maintain a clean, dust free environment.

●The mirror panel heaters can be wall mounted easily, they are space-saving and universally usable. 

●Plain, frameless, streamlined designed.

● A wide range of mirror heating panels available in a huge choice of colors, sizes and styles.


1.Technical Details

Body size


Power and rated voltage

450W, 220-240V/50Hz

Heating material

carbon crystal

Wave length


Surface temperature


Electric conversion efficiency


Life expectancy


Front surface material

High quality toughened mirror

Frame material and color

Frameless,  back steel sheet

Ingress Protection ration


Heating area

4-6 sqm

Over heat protection


2.Item details

far infrared panel 450w mirror heater G1P2 far infrared panel 450w mirror heater G1P6 far infrared panel 450w mirror heater G1P4




●All panels have been passed the quality test and well packaged before leaving the factory.

●They can be installed fast  with the guidance of instruction (all necessary accessories are included in the packing).  

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