energy efficient far infrared heater

energy efficient far infrared heater HL1P1

Nicr wire heating element


Power @450watts

Pure white aluminium surface

Mounting holes on the frame

Higher temperature on the front

Inner temperature sensors to provide safety from overheating



Model Number: HH0606W

●This kind of infrared heater is with high power but with smaller size,  power can be even 3000W per sqm.

●Front temperature of this model is about 110 degree C, however it will not get burned if someone touch carelessly.

●Pure white surface panel, as well as the frame.

●Far infrared working, this 450W model can warm about 4-6 squre meters, suitable for spot heating.

●Users can connect it to a hidden cable thermostat, or a simple plug in type thermostat.




Body size


Power and rated voltage

450W, 230V/50Hz

Heating material

Nicr wire heating element

Working type

far infrared

Surface temperature

around 110℃

Electric conversion efficiency


Life expectancy


Front surface color

pure white 


aluminum alloy frame, front  aluminum sheet, and back also aluminum sheet.

Ingress protection ration


Heating area

 4-6 sqm

Over heat protection



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energy efficient far infrared heater HL1P2 energy efficient far infrared heater HL1P3 energy efficient far infrared heater HL1P4

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