900w ceiling mounted radiant panel heater

900w ceiling mounted radiant panel heater


●This is a 900W power infrared radiant ceiling heater, normally it can warm about 9-11 sqm. 

●The Infrared Panel Heater is designed to provide an efficient, comfortable and healthy heating system for any domestic and commercial users.

●It's the healthiest heating available on the market and provides energy savings comparable to heat-pump efficiencies but without the draft!

●These panel heaters can reduce air circulation and help to maintain a clean, dust free environment.

●No plumbing,no ductwork,no maintenance.

●These infrared heaters are surface mounted on the ceiling, warm rooms quickly.

● A wide range of heating panels available in a huge choice of colors, sizes and styles.




Body size


Power and rated voltage

900W, 230V/50Hz 

Heating material

Nicr heating wire

Wave length


Surface temperature

Around 110℃

Electric conversion efficiency


Life expectancy


Front surface material

white Alu sheet 


aluminium frame

Ingress Protection ration


Heating area

9-11 sqm

Over heat protection



2.Item details


900w ceiling mounted radiant panel heater



900w ceiling mounted radiant panel heater HH2P1




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