3000W endothermic spray booth drying panel


Model Number: GT-W2006

●Endothermic panel is normally used car spray drying industrial.

●The common size is 202*62cm, 2.5cm thickness, other size can be custimized.

●Electric power is 3000W,  or any watt clients want.

●Front temperature of this drying panel is from 160 to 170 degree C.

●Frame material is stainless steel or aluminum alloy, wide and thick, stable for big panel.

●Easy installing, each unit is completely assembled before packing, just need to mount to the wall.

●Infra red working,  heat the car spraying surface and deeper directly , dry the paint from inside, not just surface drying as traditional heaters. more and more spray booth workshops start to use such endothermic panel.

●More than 99% electricity transforming efficiency, saving electricity and reduce your cost.

●No any harmful rays for workers, instead its good for human heath, beccause it is far infrared wave.

●Soft surface temperature, though it is about 170 ℃ but will not burn workers even they touch it.

●Long life. it works very well even uninterruptedly powering on for 10,000 hours test. more than 50,000 hours working life.



body size


power and rated voltage

3000W, 220V or other

heating material

patented heating element

wave length


surface temperature


electric conversion efficiency


life expectancy


front surface color

white or custom

frame material

stainless steel or aluminum alloy

ingress protection ration


heating volume

6-8 CBM, up to 80 degree C temperature

over heat protection



3.Item photos

car spray booth endothermic panel




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