Introduction of Carbon – crystal Wall Heating

Introduction of Carbon – crystal Wall Heating

Since 2009, carbon – crystal wall heating has gradually appeared in the public family life and gradually replaced the traditional way of heating.Whether in the heating effect, life cycle, energy consumption, installation and so on,it has beter features than traditional heating.

Composition structure:

1.Integrated hard protection layer — increases wear resistance and protects the heating body

2.Carbon crystal febrile layer — carbon crystal particle distribution layer

3.High density thermal insulation layer – thermal insulation

4.Aluminum reflection film – reflected infrared, thermal insulation, moisture proof

Thermal principle:

Under the effect of alternating electric field, the heating element between carbon atoms in the molecular motion and severe friction and collision occurs, the heat energy produced in the form of far infrared radiation and convection transfer to the electrical energy and thermal energy conversion rate is as high as 98%.The surface temperature of the carbon – crystal heating plate rises rapidly, and the design temperature can be reached in 3-5 minutes.Install the electric hot plate on the wall, heat energy will spread evenly to every corner of the room.

Scope of use:

The high performance and good decoration of carbon – crystal walls can be widely used in family life, business activities, industrial plants and other fields.If you don’t have central heating in your home, or if it’s not traditional heating, you can install it.Carbon crystal wall warm more trained people in recommendations and users, become a high-grade residential, villa, KTV room, cafe, bar, hall and other supporting decoration first choice, is must the selected user heating market.

Byecold uses advanced carbon crystal heating, far infrared technology industry leading technology to produce crystal carbon wall warm, glass mirror, a variety of types such as ceiling, aluminum wall warm heaters.Byecold is the domestic carbon crystal technology leading brand electric heater.

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