Internal structure of electric heated towel rails

Internal structure of electric heated towel rails

What’s the internal structure of the electric heated towel rails?

It’s simple, as showing in below picture.

electric heated towel rails


Part A is the towel rails itself, stainless steel, steel or aluminum materials tubes.

Here is the article we discussed the advantages of thee different metal materials made heated towel rails.


Part B is the electricity wire, live wire or neutral wire, with good performance of anti-heat. It works very well for more than 500,000 hours under hot environment.


Part C is where the ground wire connected to the metal tube. This is an important part which can protect users’ security. We have an article before to explain why an electric heated towel rails has to be grounded,


Part D is the power cable, it can be with a plug end, or connected to hidden power cable in the wall. Hidden cable is safer and makes your bathroom neat.


Part E is the turning on/off switch, normally with an end led indicator which can light when heated towel rails are powered on. Red or blue or other color led colors are available.


Part F is the core of electric heating towel rails, the part which gives heat. The heating element can be carbon fiber or alloy wire. Car fiber works with far infrared rays, human friendly.

Outer housing of the heating wire is MPT, or PVC or silicone rubber.

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