How to identify carbon crystal infrared panel heater

How to identify carbon crystal infrared panel heater

Carbon crystal is the crystal structure of carbon. Carbon crystal infrared panel heater is a carbon crystal heating plate as a heating material, far infrared radiation as the principle of a new type of heating equipment.Small manufacturers on the market use rigid insulation board packaging carbon fiber board, the appearance and similar carbon crystal plate, to pretend to be carbon crystal plate.Another way to impersonate a carbon crystal plate is to use an electrothermal film whose interior is ink.

Identification of true and false carbon crystal infrared panel heater:

1) First, the carbon crystal heating material of the infrared panel heater is a high-precision material which cannot be observed with the naked eye.

2)Check whether the manufacturer’s business license has a carbon crystal production qualification, and whether the manufacturer has professional production equipment, such as the large thermal pressure equipment needed to produce carbon crystals.

3) Whether the factory has the authority of the quality inspection reports.

4)Can not use the power to distinguish far-infrared carbon, for example above 500W are true carbon crystal heating products, low wattage is carbon fiber.
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