How to Install these panels?

How to Install these panels?


Byecold Infrared Heaters are very easy to install and run. They can be simply mounted on the wall or the ceiling  or can be incorporated in a suspended ceiling.

For mains operated systems we recommend you take the advice of a qualified electrician who will be able to wire them into the existing circuits in your home or work place. Please insure that your panels are installed complying with wiring regulations that specify distances between low voltage electrical appliances and water source.

Now Please find the installation instructions below. (same for ceiling and wall)

1)  Spread the transparent copy paper to cover the panel back, then use a pen to mark the holes of the hooks. 


 2)  Use some double-sided adhesive tape to fix the paper onto the wall or ceiling. Drill some proper holes to make it fit for the plastic wall plug.


3)   Tear off the transparent copy paper.


 4)   Insert the wall plug first, then screw.


5)   The  screw should extend from the wall approx. 5 mm.


6)   Push the panel so that the screws slide into the hooks.



1)  Works with 220V, 50HZ only!

2)  Do not touch the surface and cover it with anything!

3)  Keep away from water, and dry it before next use.

4)  The best usage is for spot heating.

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