How to install a ceiling panel heater in safe ways?

How to install a ceiling panel heater in safe ways?

How to install a panel infrared heater to ceiling in safe ways?


Method 1,

Use a kind of bevel hooks which are mounted at the back of the ceiling panel heater, like here under,

ceiling panel heater

A bevel hook will never fall off even after many years or the houses shake everyday.

Never use a hook that has a horizontal and short slide path, this is very important!

Here is an article we have explained why it is so important for home security of ceiling panel heaters mounting.


Method 2,

Use some kind of steel wire hanging sets, as below

This steel wire can be screwed onto the back of the frame and ceiling very stable, the height can be also adjusted.

ceiling panel hanging wires


Method 3,

Buy the ceiling panel heaters with holes on frames which can be screwed nails in.

The advantages of this kind ceiling mounting is very easy to do and the holes are not visible.

This way requires very good back insulation of the panels, or else heat will conduct from the back onto the ceiling easily, because the back of the frame are clung to the ceiling without any gap.

hidden holes of aluminum frame

Method 4,

Buy the frames with holes in corners, so you can screw some nails through and fix the panel heater directly onto the ceiling. This is the easiest way to mount a panel heater onto the ceiling, if you can accept such corner style.


corners with holes


Method 5,

Some kinds of ceiling are suspending tiles, you can put the ceiling panel heaters directly onto the T grid like other ceiling tiles. The disadvantage of such ceiling mounted panel is some heat may transfer to the top area above the grid, heat get wasted.

We have special size for T gird ceiling, such as 1195*595mm panel, 595*595mm panel, frame or frameless.

ceiling T grid



There are also some other ways to mount the infrared panel heaters onto the ceiling,

As long as that way is safe and easy to do, you can try it.

Enjoy your DIY home life!

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