How to control the temperature of my yoga room?

How to control the temperature of my yoga room?

We know it normally needs some thermostats or control panels to adjust the yoga room temperature, but how many pieces and where to mount these thermostats?

Someone likes to use just one piece of thermostat to control all panels in the room,  this is not recommended, reasons as below,

1)      The temperature of different position of one room is usually not same, for example the side against the sun is normally some hotter than the side against north.

Where you should put the thermostat or temperature probe? No such a position can control all different areas of the yoga room to be same temperature.

This is not an electricity saving way.

2)      Normal thermostat support maximum 6000W power total only, if you want just a thermostat to control all panels which may be more than 12KW, you have to add a relay to connect to the thermostat, but this relay will be very big.


What we recommend?

1)        Use standard thermostat, each unit control less than 6000W total, such as 6 or 7 pieces of 700W electric heating panels. In this way your yoga room will have about 4-8 pieces of thermostat, you can put each one in different position, so that every piece can control the nearest area to be right temperature very well and separately.

2)        There is a kind of remote control thermostat; you can use one remote to control all thermostats. Picture as below,

         remote control thermostat for yoga room heating


3)        For ceiling mounting panel heaters, if the ceiling height of your yoga room is more than 3m, we do strongly suggest you to add a suspending ceiling to reduce the total volume of the room you need to heat. This way will save obviously your electricity cost.


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