How many heaters can heat a hot yoga room to be 40 degree C?

How many heaters can heat a hot yoga room to be 40 degree C?

Same as previous article, before giving recommendation, we have to evaluate some basic factors,

At first, please notice that the heaters we are talking here are all electric heaters.

The factors we have to consider are as below,

1.  The environment temperature

1)      Which country does your hot yoga studio locate?

We know that different countries even different provinces have different environment temperature even at the same season, and some other countries have similar weather all the year.


For clients from southeast Asia such Singapore, Malaysia, the environment is very hot already, about 30 degree C usually, for a hot yoga studio with about 70 sqm size, total 10KW will be fine.


For clients from other countries that have cold and hot weather, we only can consider how many watts it needs to heat the yoga room during winter. Such as a 70 sqm yoga studio in New Zealand, the winter weather is about 0 degree C, it needs about 20KW.


For clients from north Europe such as Sweden, that is quite cold in winter, normally the yoga room has to be with a central water heating system to heat it around 20 degree C first, then use total about 16KW yoga heaters, talking room size is also 70 sqm.


2)      the season

If you plan to open your hot yoga studio all the year, the total watts of the electric heaters should meet winter usage first.

If you only open it during summer, watts will be much lower.


2.       your yoga studio ceiling height

The best ceiling height of a hot yoga room should be lower than 3m. or else we strongly suggest you to add a suspending ceiling to reduce the height, because a 3.5m high ceiling room will require much more heat, and heat will gather to the ceiling level at first.


3.       the insulation condition of your yoga room

Try to improve the insulation condition if it is not ideal, replace the windows with double or more layers glasses, and add foam insulation board, wooden panel onto the wall and flooring.


Infrared heaters are recommended for hot yoga, because it works with far infra red rays, good for human health, and heat human body directly.

Here is the article we discussed about what type heater is good for yoga studio, ceiling infrared yoga panel heater is very popular nowadays.




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