How does over heat protection works?

How does over heat protection works?



1  why does a infrared panel heater need over heat protection?


The surface temperature of the panel heater only reaches about 80-95 degree C, of couse this is  a safe temperature rate, even users touch it with hands, they wont get hurt unless that is a feelingless people.

but if someone carelessly cover the surface with something, or the heater fall down to floor, especially to some kind of cloth carpet,heat will not be able to spread well, the heater will become hotter and hotter, it may hurt users or even cause a fire.

 2   How does the over heat function work?


This over heat protection unit is actually some kind of thermistor, it will turn to be a insulator to cut off the electricity supplying if temperature is beyond a fixed value. And it will convert to be a conductor again once the temperature gets lower.The normal fixed temperature of the thermistor we set  is 105 degree C.

 3  Does it work well?


This over heat thermistor is made in South Korea,  with good performace as below.

1)Long life. It can work over 10,000 times. actually it might not get chance to work during the whole life of the heater.

2)Accurate. The on/off temperature error is only +/-5 degree C

3)Stable. It can endure max 8A electric current  and 200 degree C.

4)Waterproof. Made by good resin materials, completely waterproof.


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