How Far Infrared Heating Panels work?

How Far Infrared Heating Panels work?


Introduction to Infrared Process Heating

Everyone knows infrared energy is heat that can be applied to many things for manufacturing, finishing, drying and heat processing. But, do we really know and understand the characteristics of infrared energy or do we use it simply as another source of heat?  We are all confronted with energy conservation. Can infrared help avoid wasting energy? It can, provided we know how to use it efficiently.

Essentially, infrared is an electromagnetic phenomenon, which is measured in wavelengths (microns). Electromagnetic energy particles attack the surface of materials to be processed after which conduction takes over. To use infrared successfully, we have to understand this reaction. Materials can act as a good heat conductor. In many cases, however, the conductivity is less than desired resulting in absorbing and retarding the penetration of heat. Some of the materials may work as an insulator. In this case, the infrared energy must be applied from two sides, especially if a web is involved. One major advantage is the fact that heating tunnels or structures having infrared heat do not require heavy insulation as is necessary in convection ovens. However, shields on the sides may be needed to prevent drafts.

How Far Infrared Heating Panels work?

The Far-Infrared Heating Panel System is based on the same principle as that behind the sun’s radiation of the earth. It radiates the place where it has been installed, providing warmth whilst making the surrounding air pleasant.

At the heart of this Heating system is a far-infrared ray panel, which consists of epoxy resin plates. Attached evenly to the surface of this is an incombustible carbon crystal plate that has regular resistance value. The frontal surface makes it easy to spread radiant heat, while reverse side is completely heat-resistant.

Once electricity flows through the heating panel, its temperature goes up between 50 and 75ºC within five minutes, and over 98% of the total energy is evenly radiated as far-infrared rays. These far-infrared rays provide warmth to a room and to the people in it.

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