What kind of heater is suitable for the elderly and children?

What kind of heater is suitable for the elderly and children?

In the winter, the old and the children are less resistant to cold, and their bodies are more fragile and need careful care.In today’s market, there are all kinds of heaters, which ones are more suitable for the elderly and children?

1.Suitable for the old man’s heater analysis

Using quartz tube heater warming faster, and send out the light is downy, not dazzling, but its life span is shorter, need to change for a long time, the need to use heaters old man for a long time, it is not appropriate, and waste of money.

The heating effect of the halogen tube is more obvious, but its drawbacks are many, not only have the strong light source, but also the temperature is too high, for the elderly such a constitution does not apply.

The electric oil heater that heating process is slow, the old man has to wait longer, and the heating temperature is high, which is also not suitable for the elderly.

2.Suitable for children’s heater analysis

First of all, children should not be glare, so when heater of choose and buy, pay attention to the heater operation, no strong light and heating temperature is appropriate, more suitable for children’s constitution.

Next, pay attention to safety and health, when heater of choose and buy should choose to have the quality assurance of the manufacturer, the power should be chosen with overtemperature of the heater, heater without peculiar smell when the power is out, no radiation, and children is not suitable for warm wind class heater.

Finally, need to buy a heater according to room temperature effect, if the space is big, heating whole space consumes electric power big, can choose local heating to heat a heater, have targeted to achieve heating effect.

In a word, for the elderly and children, choosing heaters should not only consider the economic and energy saving, more want to consider environmental health, according to the elderly and children’s special physical fitness, choose the heating temperature is appropriate, without a strong light source and the warm wind type heater.

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