Function of far-infrared electric heater

Function of far-infrared electric heater

The far-infrared electric heater uses the far-infrared principle to make the indoor temperature rise in the form of thermal radiation through special materials.It can improve the energy conversion rate and shorten the heating process through infrared radiation, so that the product can be energy-saving.This product emits no light, no redness, no wind, tasteless, no noise, it does not destroy the beneficial elements in air, indoor air cleaning, high comfort, so as to solve the traditional heating system that makes the person feels thirsty disadvantages were mentioned.Converting electrical energy into heat, it emits a 6-15 micron infrared wave that radiates heat to people and objects for heating purposes.

Far infrared heater

What are the features of the product compared to other heating products?

Outstanding energy saving function:since the electricity is converted into heat energy, it has no loss itself, which is more than 60% energy saving than other heating products.Outstanding environmental protection function: the radiation method is only to heat the person and the object, not to consume air, thus overcome the air pollution caused by convection heating, and no noise at the same time.
Outstanding physical therapy health care function: far infrared ray is known as the "light of life" in the medical field, the music Swiss far-infrared heaters after electricity, can send out 6-15 micron far infrared ray,3-5 cm can radiation human body, after being absorbed cells of oxygen to the body, so as to accelerate the blood circulation, promote metabolism, activate cells, relaxing tendons, anti-aging, eliminate the microcirculation, adjust and balance the nervous system, promote the metabolism, the effect of the physical therapy to human body health!
Outstanding beauty body function: far infrared ray is absorbed by the skin, with the subcutaneous tissue resonance, can kill the various bacteria under the skin, remove the small wrinkles, enhance the elasticity of the skin.Stable performance, continuous running of 50000 hours of performance;Humidity tolerance, in the relative humidity 80-90% of the environment is placed 500 hours after the resistance does not change;Good security, no open fire, no spontaneous combustion, no self-detonation, no leakage;Long life span, if no artificial damage, the service life is more than 30 years;It is easy to use, convenient and flexible.Therefore, it is widely used in the application and is an ideal replacement for indoor heating devices.

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