Frame types for wall heating panel options

Frame types for wall heating panel options


How many types of frames I can choose for the wall heating panels?

For infrared wall panel heaters, there are many kinds of designs, however almost all can be grouped to two categories, framed and frameless.

What frames Byecold provides for now are as below,


1.    A series, recommended.

  infrared wall heating panel   

       1) Total thickness is 22mm from front to back.

       2) This series of wall panel heaters are seen with very slim aluminum frame at the front, the front frame width is just  8.2mm.

       3) It’s very stable to hold the heating panels, no wiggly at all.

       4) Back mounting hooks of tubes are not visible from side, means this kind of wall heating panels can be very close to the wall, almost no any gap.

       5) A little disadvantage is the insulation of this heating panels, just about 2mm thick insulation, but don’t worry the back infrared temperature, it’s not hot, just about 30-40 degree C.


2.       H series, well recommended.

white wall panel heater with holes

       1) Total thickness of this wall heating panel is 22mm.

       2) The main advantage of this series wall panel frames is very easy for mounting but nice and stable. There are two holes on both the long side frames, which users can screw the nails directly through , then use four rubber seal hats to cover these holes to make them not visible.

      3) Mounting holes can also be made at the back of the frames, no any broken worry about the panels and stably mounting on wall.

      4) The other reasons which make this type frame so stable is the big tube wall thickness, and big solid connectors in four corners.


3.       N series

switch standing panel heater

      1) Total thickness of the frames is 20mm from front to back.

      2) This series of wall panel heaters have also slim front visible frame which is about 10mm wide.

      3) Advantage is that standard design of this series with on/off switch if you like.

      4) Insulation thickness of this type framed wall panel heaters is about 10mm.


4.       F series

thick wall panel heater

      1) Total thickness is 23mm.

      2) Front visible frame width, 15mm, and the surface of front is flat, not cambered.

      3) This is also a stable framed heating panel type, due to that really thick insulation which is about 20mm.

      4) The corners are fixed by hidden aluminum connectors, not visible, and no screws, neat but also stable, however this is also the disadvantage point, it is not easy to open this wall panel heater type if you try to learn the internal structure.


5.       O series

freely mounting wall heater

       1) Total thickness is 18mm.

       2) Front visible frame width, 30mm which maybe too wide for someone.

       3) The name of this series is open-type frame, also a kind of very easy mounting wall panel heaters, like here under the picture, just need to open the frame and screws nails into the wall.

       4) Insulation thickness is not good, just about 3mm, and the back will be directly srewed on the wall.


6.       C series

plastic corner frame wall heating panel

       1) Total thickness is 19mm from front to back.

      2) Front visible frame width, 15.5mm.

      3) Obviously, seen from the picture, the main difference of this type wall heating panel is the corner, it is a plastic part, bigger than frames, most of the users don’t like such corners, they think it is not beautiful.

     4) Advantages are easy mounting holes, and safe corners which are not sharp at all.


These frames can be made to be different length size and colors.

Beside frame types mentioned above, other styles can be also customized.

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