Electric heater cleaning and maintenance

Electric heater cleaning and maintenance

Byecold electric heater appearance is neat and clean, generally do not need special cleaning and maintenance.During normal use, do not cover the surface of the radiator in order to avoid dust.When there is dirt or dust on the surface of the heater, please turn off the power, when the surface temperature of the product is cool, then gently wipe with a clean dry cloth.Do not use sharp tools to clean the dirt, so as not to damage the surface of the heater, the leakage of the situation.

When installing the heater, please follow the instructions, or professionals to install the correct, to ensure product stability and safety.Installation should pay attention to the back of the product and the walls to maintain a certain gap, which will help even heating and switching heater.Although there is no burr or sharp bezel in the opposite corner of the wall, do not force the collision to avoid abrasion and affect the stability of the heater.Do not pull and twine the power cord, should place the power line neatly.If the appearance of the product is abnormal, or the product function is abnormal, please ask the professional staff to repair, do not disassemble and repair.Byecold electric heaters have waterproof function, but also should avoid drenching, soaking.Do not touch the surface of the product during the working process of the heater to prevent burns.Please turn off the heater when you need to leave for a long time.In order to promote a more comfortable heating experience, it can be used with Byecold thermostat.

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When the weather is warming, without the use of electric heater, it can stay on the wall to decorate the room, or remove the electric radiator and place it properly.When placing the electric heater, the four corners of the heater can be added to the corner to reduce wear.Pack the power cord and tie it with string.The parts used in the installation will be placed in a neat place for the next installation.Finally, place the product in a dry, well-ventilated area to avoid erosion.

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