Effect of the heater on the air humidity

Effect of the heater on the air humidity

With the gradual decline in the temperature of the weather, the public began to use the heater to heat the room. Well, What effect does the heater have on the air humidity?It depends on different kinds of heaters.

1. The traditional method of burning coal for heating : This heating method will not only evaporate the water in the air, so that the air become dry, humidity drops, people will feel chest tightness, overheating.And, inadequate combustion of coal will produce carbon monoxide Class of harmful gases;

2.Radiators, air conditioners, convection heaters: This type of heater heats the air in a convective mode of operation, which also causes the air to dry out and warm up slowly;

3.Infrared panel heater: carbon crystal heating plate technology such heater, far infrared emission as high as 86%, direct heating of the human body, is the sun shines on the body, no effect on air humidity.And,infrared heating panel does not produce any harmful gases , which can be safe to use.

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