Does a ground line really help protecting human? take a heated towel rail for example

Does a ground line really help protecting human? take a heated towel rail for example

Some kinds of heated towel rails have not ground wires connected, is that safe?

The answers is no!

Not only electric towel rails but all 110V to 230V powered home appliance need to be grounded, especially those ones with conductive metal housing.


Many people know what ground wire is, but do they really know the necessity and working principle?

Probably not, someone even say ground wire is not more than a display accessory.

Well it is indeed just a displaying wire if your appliances are not leaking electricity, but are you sure those electric products will never leak? I’m afraid no any products can reach this condition.


1.  What is a ground wire?

We know home electricity works with three wires, living line, zero line, and the third is ground line. Electricity comes from the living one, ground line is the wire normally having no electricity but connecting to earth. All the three pins sockets have such a line leading to earth.


2.  Which part of a heated towel rail connects to the ground line?

The outer housing and all conductive parts which are touchable. Electric towel rack has metal housing made of stainless steel or aluminum.


3.   what’s the usage of such a earth wire for the heated towel rail?

If a heated towel rail unfortunately gets electricity leakage by some force broken, the ground wire can lead the leaked electricity to the earth, this form to be a complete circuit. Even someone touch the surface of the towel rail, the main electricity leaked will not get through human body.

If not grounded, the electricity leaked will have to circulate from the human body and this may cause an injury or even a death.


4.  What kind of heated towel rail can be without ground wire?

Central water heating towel rails does not need.

As long as a towel rail works with electricity, it has to be grounded.

For other home appliance, someone may also notice that the plug is just two pins, without ground,

This is because it works with low voltage, or with a completely insulated plastic housing.


Don’t worry too much anyway, nowadays almost every home have another kind of product, leakage protector. It can cut off the electric supply to protect human safe if home electricity get leaking.

heated towel rail ground wire


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