• Cooperation Qualification Requirements

    An independent legal entity registered with the local industrial and commercial administration authority;


    An excellent corporate image, social and industry reputation;


    In-depth research and industry application experience in this industry;


    Certain customer channel coverage rate in specific regions.

  • Support Services Available

    Byecold products knowledge training

    Free product trials and experiences to partners

    Both parties jointly promote Byecold products

  • Partner in the Marketing Process

    • Business:Refers to potential customers, prospective clients and market opportunities for business cooperation
    • Advisory:Refers to provide a clear overall customer product installation and use of integrated solutions
    • Sales:Refers to a clear customer business promotion and contract signing process
    • Implement:Refers to the formal business contract requirements submitted to the customer’s product services
    • Service:Refers to the customer service and product satisfaction tracking service
    • Industry programs:Refers to the comprehensive solution of the products of Byecold in a specific occasion