Contrast the heating of various heating devices

Contrast the heating of various heating devices

Winter approaching, cold wave hit, also appears on the market all kinds of heaters, oil heater, electric heater, siphon electric heater, electric heater, far infrared heater, etc., in the face of all kinds of electric heaters, do you know about whether the heating mode, the heating mode is better?

The oil ting heater: when the oil heater is connected to the power supply, the heat conduction oil around the heat pipe will be heated and then distributed along the heat pipe or radiator.Oil heater electric heater its advantages is to radiate heat is larger, even after a power outage, able to maintain a certain temperature in a long time, at the same time, also won’t produce any harmful gases.Heating oil with thermal conductivity will not cause corrosion to the radiator, and its service life is the longest in the electric heater.The only drawback of the oil heater is that it is slow to heat up when used in the first place.

Convection heater: housings for the outlet, lower part for air inlet, after electrify the air around the electric heating tube is heated up, from the outlet flow out, around the cold air from the air inlet into the supplement such circulation work for heating.

PTC heater:it is one of the electric heater products, this kind of electric heater is a kind of using ceramic electric heating element for heating electric heater, it mainly adopts the fan when working to encourage air through the electric heating element, then realize the forced convection.

Far-infrared heating device: the far-infrared electric heater uses the far-infrared principle to make the indoor temperature rise in the form of thermal radiation through special materials.It can improve the energy conversion rate and shorten the heating process through infrared radiation, so that the product can be energy-saving.This product emits no light, no redness, no wind, tasteless, no noise, it does not destroy the beneficial elements in air, indoor air cleaning, high comfort, so as to solve the traditional heating system that makes the person feels thirsty disadvantages were mentioned.Converting electrical energy into heat, it emits a 6-15 micron infrared wave that radiates heat to people and objects for heating purposes.

XuZhou Byecold produces far infrared heating panels to save energy and environmental protection, to save energy and health.It is your health buddies in the winter.

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