Comparing carbon crystal infrared heater with convector heater

Comparing carbon crystal infrared heater with convector heater

Ceramic convector heater and carbon infrared heaters are both electric heaters, with similar electricity transforming efficiency,both are about 98%, of course the ceramic heater should be with good quality heating element.

The working ways of them are different, conector heaters warm the air, and infrared heaters warm solid things then heat spread to air.

Both of them have no harmful UV rays, silent, and no smoke.

compared with infrared heates, ceramic heaters have only one advantage that is the housing can be with very smooth surface and round corner.

 which means that they transfer high temperatures to areas of lower temperatures via electromagnetic radiation and offer similar benefits for the skin and body as natural sunlight, but without harmful UV rays. 
Though ceramic heaters have been around for a while, carbon heaters are fairly new to the market and aim to address some of the ceramic heater’s inefficiencies.

The major advantages carbon heater has while ceramic heater does not are as follows:

1. Evenly heat

Ceramic systems emit more heat than any other type of heater, they are durable and they can cover large areas. Carbon heaters are newer to the market, while they do not emit as much heat as ceramic heaters, they still emit quite a lot.Moreover, carbon heating panels have a larger surface area composed of thin, but wider, carbon plates – which can distribute the heat more evenly. This eliminates "hot spots" that often plague owners of ceramic panels.

2. Safer

The average surface temperature for a carbon heating panel is less than 212 degrees Fahrenheit, but the surface temperature averages 380 degrees Fahrenheit for ceramic panels. With a cooler surface temperature of carbon heating panel, so injuries are less likely.

3. Higher efficency

The infrared heat from a carbon heater penetrates tissues more deeply. Users will likely feel more relaxed and receive more therapeutic benefits with a carbon heater. carbon heater is the best warmer  for spot heating, mean time it can be used as completely room heating as well.

4. Faster working

Carbon heating panels have a faster warm-up time, usually warming within 15 to 20 minutes, which means carbon heaters use less energy as compared to ceramic panels  need 35 to 40 minutes to warm up. so you could enjoy up to 30 percent or more in energy savings  with fast-heating carbon panels.

5. Longer life

Carbon infrared heater are made of epoxy resion as the basic material which has very good performace of anti-heat and anti-aging. working life can be more than 100,000 hours while ceramic heaters made of ceramic housing which can be broken easily. and the heating element of ceramic heater is mostly wire, this type heating element has avarafe life of just 8000 hours.

6. Modern

Byecold panel infrared heater can be printed with any photo image, or with a front tempered mirror, it can decorate your room to be fashion and modern, and ceramic heater has to be boring white color and heavy body.

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