What’s carbon crystal infrared heating

What’s carbon crystal infrared heating

Carbon crystal is actually nano carbon particles which will be equably printed onto one epoxy resin sheet, then use cobber strip to lead a loop, finally cover this epoxy resin sheet with another three epoxy resin layers to get a whole finished heating sheet. The nano carbon can convert more than 98% of the electricity to heat. And nano carbon has the ability to radiate far infrared rays between 8-15μ which are very good for human health.

The carrier which holds the nano carbon is named epoxy resin, a kind of material that has super antioxidant and anti-aging Performance. This is the main reason why carbon heating panel has more than 100,000+ hours’ life.

A finished carbon infrared panel heater include heating sheet, aluminum film (which will reflect the far infrared energy to front), back insulation foam sheet (which will protect the convection heat not to spread from the back), back shiny aluminum sheet, and four stable aluminum frames.

Carbon infrared panel heater convert 99% of the electricity to heat, and 30% of the heat to be convection heat while 70% to be infrared energy.

The 30% transfer heat makes the epoxy resin surface hot to 85-100 degree C. Though this is not a low temperature, but it will not heart your hands or body even you touch it, this is another wonderful performance of the epoxy resin. The other 70% infrared heat will warm any solid things in front; this is why we call it the best solution for spot heating.

structure of the panel heater
Structure of the panel heater

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