Can this kind of infrared heater be used for car spray booth drying?

Can this kind of infrared heater be used for car spray booth drying?

Can this kind of infrared heater be used for car spray booth drying?


Normal auto spray booth has the inside dimension of about 4*7m, and 2.5m height. The temperature inside needs to reach 60 degree C, some times 80. Traditional heating system for spraying drying is quartz or halogen heaters, nowadays more and more people realize that they need to get a much eco heating solution choice.

Why we should consider infrared panel drying endothermic system?

1.       long working life

Common quartz or halogen heaters have the working life of 1000-3000 hours, some bad quality even worse just several hundreds of hours.

Infrared panel heaters work as long as more than 30,000 hours, and carbon heaters even longer more than 100,000 hours, 10 times longer than traditional ones while the unit price is just several times higher.


2.       safe

Maybe you have heard or met that quartz or halogen heaters in spray booth got explored and someone got heart or scalded.

Endothermic panels have no such problems, and the surface temperature will never get too high to scald workers.


3.       energy saving

Infrared paint drying panels  have great electric conversion efficiency, more than 98%.

To heat a 4*7m big spray booth to 60 degree C, just 8KW power will be enough, and it takes just a couple of minutes. What are the total watts you are using in your booth? 20KW? 30KW?


4.       easily mounting

What you need to do is just to make some screws onto the booth wall and hang the drying panel on, then plug in.


5.       healthy

Some workers said they feel dizzy and sick after working in the booth for some while, that is because the quartz heaters have really harmful radiant rays to their bodies.

Someone may ask your panel heater works also with infrared rays, why it’s not harmful?

Well infrared rays include short waves and long waves while the longs ones called far infrared are not harmful, instead it’s good for human healthy, working like the sun.


6.       Multifunctional usages.

Beside automotive paint drying booth, this kind of infrared panels can be used also for drying oven, DIY spraying box, ceramic paint dry etc.

Size of this endothermic system can be customized as per clients’ requirements.


Interesting? Just give us a call or email!

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