About electricity utilization rate

About electricity utilization rate


To evaluate if one electric heat solution is ecnomic, nomally we should consider several actors as below.

 1electric conversion efficiency

This is the most importan actor, how much of the electricity one heater consume has been converted to heat?

except heat, eletricity maybe also cenverted to light, magnetism etc which we will not need. In this way, this kind of heating way will waste some power.panel infrared heater has no light, very little magnetism, more than 99% of the electricity will be converted to heat.

 2 heating method

Traditional electric heaters heat the air first, users will only feel warm after some while room air gets heated.This is why most traditionl heaters have so high power,  they have to be big power to heat all the room!And it is not a short period. it may take about 1 hour to warm the air in a 10sqm room for example.

Infrared panel heater will not heat the air, instead it warm the solid things directly such as your body, sofa etc. Of course it needs less power.About 74% of the electricity will be converted to far infrared energy, and 25% to be convective heat which comes from the heater body itself.

I want all the 100% heat converted to be far infrared engerfy, is this practical?

No, this is impossible!No such heating element over the world founded till now can reach this. If someone promises you his heater will do, he must be cheating!  Image that if 100% heat will be converted to be far infrared engergy, how can the heater surface be hot? where does this surface heat come from?

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